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Gift Box Slime Instructions and more!


This Gift Box Includes:

— One 4oz Slushy Time Slime (Red, Blue, Orange, and Clear slime)
— One Rosette Succulent ( Plants may vary from the picture)
— One Greeting card (Cards May be different from the picture)
— One Cola Charm



Slimes tend to get a little sticky during shipping, please follow the enclosed instructions in your slime package. You can also follow the instructions below and you’ll have perfect slime in no time!

Be sure to seal it back in its container after playing with your slime to keep your slime in good condition.

Borax is included as well as charms and any other purchases or necessities.

BORAX IS COMPLETELY SAFE! Care guide (which comes with slime), has ALL the details on how to manage and use it as an activator. 🙂

~ In Warm Weather: your slime may arrive sticky – THE SLIME MAY MELT DURING SHIPPING. Make sure to cool the slime down before adding any activator.

~ In Cold Weather: THE SLIME MAY ARRIVE FROZEN. Before doing anything with the slime, bring it to room temperature and let it warm up a little. Once it warms up, take some slime out of the container and play with the slime in your hands. It should now be warm and work like regular slime. If not, add a little bit of lotion until the slime is nice to the touch.

Slime is made with Elmer’s school glue (white and clear), lotion, white model magic, & borax with water. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, don’t buy the slime. SLIME ISN’T EDIBLE and should preferably used for ages 8 and up.

This slime is also great for Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat videos.


Place the potted succulent in a sunny location but not direct sunlight. Allow the potting mix to dry out 100% between waterings. During each watering, give the soil a good soaking so that water runs out of the ‘drainage holes’ of the pots.

I hope you have a fun time playing with your slime and taking care of a succulent! 🙂

Any questions or concerns regarding the slime, feel free to message me.

Weight 15 oz


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